Ushering in a New Era of Automated Copy-Betting
We are Betpool.ai

Betpool represents a revolutionary step forward as the first automated copy-betting pool built on-chain. Opening up a myriad of possibilities for future updates and enhancements.

The technical architecture of Betpool is fully decentralized and transparent.


Strategic Partnerships and Global Reach

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Azuro, and potential future collaborations, position Betpool to expand its reach and capabilities. By tapping into global markets and forming alliances with other betting platforms and regulatory bodies, Betpool aims to become a dominant force in the international betting landscape.


Tokenomics ensure long-term sustainability and growth

Betpool's tokenomics are meticulously crafted to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the platform, while also providing substantial incentives for token holders. The $BPAI token plays a central role in this ecosystem, facilitating a variety of functions and creating value for all participants.
Contract address: 0xc6d2B081557007557dc36476f2edc35a5c447e26

Betting Profits:

The primary source of revenue is the profits generated from the automated betting picks. Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, Betpool aims to consistently deliver high returns on bets.

Premium Group:

Betpool will collect a fixed 2.5% fee on users' withdrawals from the pool. We will offer a premium group subscription  to daily winning picks, thereby generating a steady stream of subscription revenue.